Synchronized Networks Of Observing Particles (Snoops)

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Einstein's effective use of synchronized space-filling small clocks [NOTE - origin of 'snoop' method]‑07‑09.2306.pdf sfl.16.2011‑07‑09.2306
Scale and the Doppler Effect -- Shorter names for FG SDCs [NOTE - just before renaming it 'snoop']‑07‑29.2146.pdf sfl.16.2011‑07‑29.2146
New name for FG SDCs, 'SNOOPs' = snoops (lower case, as with nee)‑07‑30.1005.pdf sfl.16.2011‑07‑30.1005
FG SDC = SNOOP = snoop (English) -- Einstein implicitly used 1 snoop, but not 2‑07‑30.1042.pdf sfl.16.2011‑07‑30.1042
FG SDC = SNOOP = frame snoop (English) = snoop (in SR context) -- Doppler alone is insufficient‑07‑30.1117.pdf sfl.16.2011‑07‑30.1117
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