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2024-06-08 Photons Are Glueballs in Disguise https://sarxiv.org/apa.2024-06-05.1248.pdf
2024-06-03 Artificial Cheating is Already More Cheaty than 99% of Human Cheaters https://sarxiv.org/apa.2024-06-03.1030.pdf
2024-05-13 New Results Bolster Penrose's Quantum Consciousness Hypothesis https://sarxiv.org/apa.2024-05-13.1544.pdf
2024-05-10 The Famous Casimir-Effect Figure is a Hoax https://sarxiv.org/apa.2024-05-10.1005.pdf
2024-05-08 The Growing Danger of Toxic Cyber Additives https://sarxiv.org/apa.2024-05-08.1522.pdf
2024-05-02 Non-Locality is a Word Without Physical Meaning https://sarxiv.org/apa.2024-05-02.0858.pdf
2024-04-21 A No-Math-Needed Explanation of Time Dilation https://sarxiv.org/apa.2024-04-21.2315.pdf
2024-04-18 Three Simple Questions about Virtual Particle Pairs https://sarxiv.org/apa.2024-04-18.2330.pdf
2024-04-10 Genies in Physics: The Magic of Locking Phenomenal Forces into Itty-Bitty Spaces https://sarxiv.org/apa.2024-04-10.2330.pdf
2024-04-03 Quantum Geodesics, Conic Simultaneity, and Pure-Math Indeterminacy https://sarxiv.org/apa.2024-04-03.0825.pdf
2024-03-23 Quantum Geodesics and Gravity Emergence https://sarxiv.org/apa.2024-03-23.1707.pdf
2024-03-21 Faraday's Role in the Worst Prediction of Science https://sarxiv.org/apa.2024-03-21.2330.pdf
2024-03-19 The Empty-Space Glitch in the Field Theory Matrix https://sarxiv.org/apa.2024-03-19.1837.pdf
2024-03-15 Boxed-In Qubits (BIQs): A New Approach to Qubit Computing https://sarxiv.org/apa.2024-03-15.2330.pdf
2024-03-12 The Missing Momentum Mass Puzzle https://sarxiv.org/apa.2024-03-12.2330.pdf
2024-03-08 Physics Math Must Be Infinitely Smooth, But Only at a Price https://sarxiv.org/apa.2024-03-08.1025.pdf
2024-03-07 Wave Collapse, Einstein's Age Gradient, and an Overlooked Equivalence https://sarxiv.org/apa.2024-03-07.0005.pdf
2024-03-01 A Radically Different Approach to Force Unification: Free-Fall Equivalence https://sarxiv.org/apa.2024-03-01.0125.pdf
2024-02-17 Reality and the Depth of Time https://sarxiv.org/apa.2024-02-17.1520.pdf
2024-01-28 Are Tensors Powerful Enough to Model 4D Dynamics? https://sarxiv.org/apa.2024-01-28.0857.pdf
2024-01-26 If Gravity Is Acceleration, Why Isn't Earth Exploding? https://sarxiv.org/apa.2024-01-26.2230.pdf
2024-01-26 Quantum Decoherence Is (Alas) Just Paper Noise https://sarxiv.org/apa.2024-01-26.1658.pdf
2024-01-22 White Holes Are Just Paper Noise https://sarxiv.org/apa.2024-01-22.2114.pdf
2024-01-21 The Causality Sharing Metric: Lidar Awareness Units (LAUs) https://sarxiv.org/apa.2024-01-21.0917.pdf
2024-01-18 Thoughts on the Sublime Subtlety of Newtonian Points and Spaces [Email Excerpt] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2024-01-18.0912.pdf
2024-01-06 Symmetry Competition and the Twins Paradox https://sarxiv.org/apa.2024-01-06.1858.pdf
2024-01-05 [REFERENCE] Bose 1924: Planck's Law and the Light Quantum Hypothesis https://sarxiv.org/ref.1924-11-01.1234.pdf
2023-12-27 Einstein's Snapchat Error [Email Excerpt] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-12-27.1500.pdf
2023-12-21 Special Relativity as a Non-Relative Localized Gauge Theory [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-12-21.1059.pdf
2023-11-25 Quantum Field Vacuums are Too Complicated to Explain Anything [Medium Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-11-25.0110.pdf
2023-11-24 Woit's Euclidean Twistors in Fragmented Euclidean Spacetime [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-11-24.2135.pdf
2023-11-17 Assembly Theory Is Physics Getting Closer to Software [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-11-17.1425.pdf
2023-11-10 Dark Energy and Żenczykowski’s Hadron-Spacetime Duality [Medium Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-11-10.1824.pdf
2023-10-22 It's Time to Reexamine Euclid's Definition of a Point [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-10-22.1900.pdf
2023-10-21 Everett's Cat (and Two More MWI Issues) [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-10-21.1136.pdf
2023-10-19 Brecciated Spacetime [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-10-19.1649.pdf
2023-10-15 Feynman and Chaitin on the Paradox of Continuum Computation [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-10-15.2348.pdf
2023-10-14 How to Create a Parallel Universe Using a Bicycle [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-10-14.1033.pdf
2023-10-10 Multilevel Quantum-Classical Physics and Schrödinger's Cat [LinkedIn Q&A] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-10-10.1230.pdf
2023-10-06 Casimir Effect References List (with Links) [LinkedIn Supplement] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-10-06.2130.pdf
2023-10-03 Discrete Versus Point-Like and the Emergence of Classical Physics [Email Excerpt] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-10-03.1225.pdf
2023-10-01 Dumb Maths and Magic Bits Cause Vacuum Catastrophes [YouTube Transcript] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-10-01.1606.pdf
2023-09-22 [TAO Phys. Paper] Black Hole Burps and the Asymmetric Orbital Scale Hypothesis https://tarxiv.org/tao.2023-09-22/
2023-09-27 The Power of Future Superposition in Quantum Mechanics [YouTube] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-09-27.1412.pdf
2023-09-24 Photons as High-Voltage Decoherence Power Lines [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-09-24.1430.pdf
2023-09-10 The Roles of Laws and Information in Physics (Plus Wave Relativity) [Instagram Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-09-10.1350.pdf
2023-09-07 Visible Planck Foam Violates Special Relativity [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-09-07.0910.pdf
2023-09-06 Quantum Wave Packets Have Momentum [Email Excerpt] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-09-06.1356.pdf
2023-09-05 Quantum Theory as a Mechanical Modeling Problem https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-09-05.1610.pdf
2023-09-03 Shadowing Fails for Casimir + The van der Waals Magnet Analogy [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-09-03.2356.pdf
2023-09-02 Investment Capitalism and the Physics of Time [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-09-02.0850.pdf
2023-08-30 Why Planck Foam Breaks Lorentz Invariance (The Glass Analogy) [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-08-30.2240.pdf
2023-08-29 The Quantum Casimir Effect: Why Current Evidence is Against It [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-08-29.2227.pdf
2023-08-28 [Tao Phys. Paper] The Particle Illusion: A Closer Look at Feynman's Double-Slit Paradox https://tarxiv.org/tao.2023-07-12/
2023-08-27 A Modestly TACTful Multiverse Proposal [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-08-27.0916.pdf
2023-08-21 A Brief History of Dual Universes [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-08-21.0038.pdf
2023-08-26 A Few Tips on Increasing Research Effectiveness [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-08-26.1023.pdf
2023-08-25 How Gamma Ray Studies Disproved Wheeler's Quantum Foam Speculation https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-08-25.0005.pdf
2023-08-24 Thermodynamics Sets the Line Between Quantum and Classical [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-08-24.0942.pdf
2023-08-16 [TAO Phys. Paper] On Roger Penrose's Even-Handed Marriage of GR and QM https://tarxiv.org/tao.2023-08-15/
2023-08-15 On Roger Penrose's Even-Handed Marriage of General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-08-15.1016.pdf
2023-08-14 The Keating Higgs-Inflaton Equivalence (KHIE) Hypothesis [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-08-14.1444.pdf
2023-08-07 Broken Symmetries as Evidence of Co-Located Multiverses [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-08-07.0820.pdf
2023-08-06 Why Not Layer Multiverses Instead of Colliding Them? [Instagram Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-08-06.0722.pdf
2023-08-05 Answers to Several Questions About Finite Emergent Spacetime [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-08-05.0100.pdf
2023-08-01 The Quantum-Holographic Quasar Jet Hypothesis [Instagram Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-08-01.1200.pdf
2023-07-30 The Ten Axioms of Finite Emergent Spacetime [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-07-30.2200.pdf
2023-07-27 The Stuver-Tyson Reconciliation Paradox [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-07-27.1535.pdf
2023-07-20 Einstein and the Mystery of My-Train-Only Time Dilation [Story] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-07-20.1330.pdf
2023-07-17 Do quantum waves require groups of particles [LinkedIn Q&A] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-07-17.2200.pdf
2023-07-16 Wave Collapses Have Structure [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-07-16.0005.pdf
2023-07-13 Classical Physics Is an App Running on the Deep Universe [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-07-13.2120.pdf
2023-07-12 The Particle Illusion: A Closer Look at Feynman's Double-Slit Paradox [Paper] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-07-12.1720.pdf
2023-07-11 If Clocks Create Gravity, Why Do We Need Minkowski's Spacetime? https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-07-11.1954.pdf
2023-07-09 Point-Based Physics Maths are Insufficient for Understanding Biology [Email Excerpt] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-07-09.1216.pdf
2023-07-06 Entropic Cosmic Time (ECT) Forbids Closed Time-Like Curves (CTC) [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-07-06.0822.pdf
2023-07-03 Space as a Cooperative Venture of Repeating Events [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-07-03.2100.pdf
2023-07-01 Boltzmann Was Right About Time [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-07-01.2355.pdf
2023-06-30 Fine-Tuning in an Emergent XYZT Universe [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-06-30.1535.pdf
2023-06-27 The Cosmic Half-Spin Hypothesis [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-06-27.1005.pdf
2023-06-26 Classical Reality as Clouds of Crystalline Bits [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-06-26.1903.pdf
2023-06-25 Lorentz Compression Times and Beaded Velocity Frames https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-06-25.1640.pdf
2023-06-13 Quantizing Relativity by Discarding Einstein Is a Bad Funding Argument [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-06-13.2143.pdf
2023-06-11 The Waegell-Cohen-Elitzur-Tollaksen-Aharonov Prediction of Weak-Blind Fermions https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-06-11.2316.pdf
2023-06-09 The Curious Case of Qubit Hyperinflation [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-06-09.1650.pdf
2023-06-09 Three Foundational Flaws in AdS-CFT [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-06-09.1122.pdf
2023-06-08 The Universe as a Register Overflow [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-06-08.0851.pdf
2023-05-31 Carroll - Quantum Measurement and Why It's a Problem (And Some Solutions) [Presentation] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-05-31.1000.pdf
2023-06-03 Physics Needs to Switch to Power-Law Sparse-Matrix Spacetime [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-06-03.2316.pdf
2023-06-01 Quantum Mechanics Is No More Fundamental Than Classical Mechanics [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-06-01.2341.pdf
2023-06-01 Lightspeed Is as Fast or Slow as You Want, But Only in One Direction [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-06-01.2331.pdf
2023-05-31 Superstring Theory Discards Einstein [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-05-31.1616.pdf
2023-05-19 Louis de Broglie Looking Back on His Discovery of Electron Waves [Edited Transcript] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-05-19.0855.pdf
2023-05-17 Dark Matter and Gravity as Network Phenomena [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-05-17.1534.pdf
2023-05-16 The Other Impending Singularity [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-05-16.2252.pdf
2023-05-14 Why Sudarshan, Not Glauber, Should Have Won the 2005 Nobel Prize [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-05-14.1033.pdf
2023-05-12 The Dangers of Self-Censorship in Physics and Math [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-05-12.1200.pdf
2023-05-09 The Devastatingly Simple Math Error Behind Everett’s Multiverse [Email Excerpt] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-05-09.2325.pdf
2023-05-09 Particle-Wave Duality Is Subtler Than You Thought [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-05-09.2230.pdf
2023-05-07 Everett's Many Worlds Are Nothing Like Radio Channels [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-05-07.2345.pdf
2023-05-06 Continuum Math and XYZT Emulation as a Prerequisite for Life [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-05-05.1715.pdf
2023-05-05 The Grubby Space Time (GST) Interpretation of the Universe [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-05-05.0951.pdf
2023-05-03 Space and Time are Emergent Even in Special Relativity [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-05-03.0953.pdf
2023-05-02 Chain Fountains and the Nature of Centrifugal Forces [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-05-02.2330.pdf
2023-05-01 Retrocausality Is Not Symmetric in Time [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-05-01.0956.pdf
2023-04-29 Rebecca Newberger Goldstein and the Need for a New Physics Maths [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-04-29.2150.pdf
2023-04-29 Momentum Energy Excitation Causes Time Dilation [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-04-29.0954.pdf
2023-04-26 An Unexpectedly Specific Theory of Consciousness [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-04-26.1630.pdf
2023-04-22 Qubits are the Wrong Approach to Quantum Computing [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-04-22.0942.pdf
2023-04-21 Photons as Observers and the Emergence of Scale [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-04-21.1715.pdf
2023-04-19 AI in Physics: The Clever Hans Trap [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-04-19.1807.pdf
2023-04-18 Three Edward Witten Quotes on Superstrings [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-04-18.2350.pdf
2023-04-17 Divergent Epistemologies [Email Excerpts] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-04-16.1659.pdf
2023-04-05 Photon Quantum Computing is More Fundamental than Qubits [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-04-05.2224.pdf
2023-03-27 Physics maths are badly out-of-date [Email Excerpt] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-03-27.2245.pdf
2023-03-23 A Super String Challenge for Leonard Susskind [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-03-23.2330.pdf
2023-03-20 Newton, Leibniz, and the Need for Non-Point Calculi [Message Excerpt] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-03-20.2345.pdf
2023-03-19 Spherical-Symmetry Options in the General Fusion Approach [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-03-19.0055.pdf
2023-03-18 Point-Based Maths Don't Work for Modeling Consciousness [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-03-18.1230.pdf
2023-03-16 The Curious Case of the Faster-Than-Light Train Flashes [PREVIEW] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-03-16.2330.pdf
2023-03-16 Leibnitz, Descartes, and Emergent Relational Spacetime [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-03-16.1438.pdf
2023-03-11 Why the Laws of Experimental Physics are Not Time Symmetric [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-03-11.1011.pdf
2023-03-09 The LADs and LASSes Solution to the Twin's Paradox [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-03-09.2258.pdf
2023-03-09 Derivation of the Unit Lorentz Area, Meter Lorentz Area, and Lorentz Meter [Email Excerpt] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-03-09.1700.pdf
2023-03-06 LADs, LASSes, and Fractal Time | Terry is Not Peer-Reviewed! [Email Excerpt] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-03-06.1051.pdf
2023-03-04 Sensations as High-Complexity, Low-Energy Physics Phenomena [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-03-04.1427.pdf
2023-03-02 Ejected Particles are Always Waves and Never Points [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-03-02.2249.pdf
2023-02-28 Lorentz Area State Space (LASS) [+ Pointless Peat-Bogs] [Message Excerpt] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-02-28.1748.pdf
2023-02-26 Why the Planck Scale is Irrelevant [PBS Space Time Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-02-26.0018.pdf
2023-02-22 Special Relativity as a Special Case of Quantum Mechanics [Message Excerpt] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-02-22.1633.pdf
2019-07-17 [2019] Terry's Quick Guide to Holes in Hyperspace [LinkedIn] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2019-07-17.1200.pdf
2023-02-18 Quantum Gravity Experiments at Potentially Low Cost [Essay] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-02-18.1645.pdf
2019-02-23 [2019] The Gentle Trio Interpretation of the Standard Model, GR, and QM [Backreaction] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2019-02-23.2113.pdf
2023-02-12 Feynman Summed Futures, Not Universes [+ Quantum Rescaling] [Email Excerpt] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-02-12.2102.pdf
2023-02-12 Superstrings and the Need to Integrate All of Physics [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-02-12.1350.pdf
2023-02-12 The Magical Manna of Everett's Many-Worlds Classicalism [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-02-12.0615.pdf
2023-02-11 Angular Lorentz Factors and Time Contraction [Message Excerpt] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-02-11.0012.pdf
2023-02-08 Special Relativity Conversions with Relativistic Doppler, Binary Rapidity, and Age Gradients https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-02-08.2230.pdf
2023-01-31 An almost-forgotten point about tachyons as group velocities [SFL Excerpt] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-01-31.1433.pdf
2023-01-29 The Forward-Path Ratio R in Special Relativity [SFL Excerpt] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-01-29.2100.pdf
2023-01-29 Particle Physics and the Interchangeability of Space and Time [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-01-29.1400.pdf
2023-01-25 Qualia as data processing tools -- Why causality is probabilistic [SFL Excerpt] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-01-25.1730.pdf
2023-01-25 Special relativity as excited matter -- Javelin clocks -- Boosting has 3 steps [SFL Excerpt] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-01-25.1500.pdf
2023-01-23 A Quick Assessment of the Paper 'Quantum Hair from Gravity' [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-01-23.0900.pdf
2023-01-21 The four observable time ratios for A launched to B at velocity v [SFL Excerpt] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-01-21.2102.pdf
2023-01-17 Three Wrong Ideas in QFT, GR, and Causality [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-01-17.2315.pdf
2023-01-12 There Is No Rug [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-01-12.2046.pdf
2023-01-07 Excited Velocity States, Not Acceleration, Cause Time Dilation [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-01-07.0930.pdf
2023-01-06 Why Rules Rule Over Platonic Perfection [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-01-06.2212.pdf
2023-01-02 What Economics Says About the Existence of Time [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-01-02.1745.pdf
2023-01-02 Schrödinger's Equation and the Emergence of Time [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2023-01-02.0100.pdf
2022-12-27 The Frame Inclusion Paradox and the Nature of Time [Email Note] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-12-27.0804.pdf
2022-12-20 Spacetime is a Quantum-Mechanical Wave Phenomenon [Email Excerpt] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-12-20.1338.pdf
2022-12-19 Infinite Universes Versus Losing a Puppy https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-12-19.0232.pdf
2022-12-16 Penrose Objective Reduction in Finite Precision Spacetime [YouTube Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-12-16.2258.pdf
2022-12-16 Fixing Theoretical Physics is Mostly a Social Problem [Email Excerpt] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-12-16.0852.pdf
2022-12-15 One Question to Rule the Future of Physics [Essay] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-12-15.2155.pdf
2022-11-27 Time Gradients in Schrödinger's Equation [YouTube The Science Asylum] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-11-27.2155.pdf
2022-11-17 Geodesic Quantum Theory [Message Excerpt] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-11-17.2330.pdf
2022-10-22 Why Quantum Field Theory is the Theory of Inertial Frames [Arvin Ash Post Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-10-22.0005.pdf
2022-10-17 Asynchronous Equivalence Principle of Special Relativity [Email Excerpt] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-10-17.1055.pdf
2022-10-09 A Fractal-Frame Interpretation of Spacetime [YouTube Fermilab comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-10-09.1740.pdf
2022-10-08 Polygonal Iteration Captures Physics Better Than Continuum Math [Email Excerpt] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-10-08.0825.pdf
2022-10-07 Dragrath's Radiation and Supernova Explosions [Fermilab Post Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-10-07.2230.pdf
2022-10-05 Dragrath's Hawking Radiation Equilibrium Theorem [Fermilab Post Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-10-05.1704.pdf
2022-10-03 Falling Into a Black Hole, Five Even Odder Effects [Fermilab Post Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-10-03.2230.pdf
2022-10-01 Why You'll Never Find Gravity in QFT https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-10-01.1700.pdf
2022-09-29 Cosmic Ray Muons and Age Gradients https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-09-29.2240.pdf
2022-09-26 Acceleration Creates Tensions in Both Length and Time https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-09-26.1055.pdf
2022-09-24 Nothing Beats Nothing for Avoiding Vacuum Catastrophes [Comment on a Hossenfelder post] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-09-24.0835.pdf
2022-09-22 Age Gradients and Reciprocal Light Velocities Are Real Phenomena [Email Excerpt] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-09-22.1015.pdf
2022-09-21 Why Age Gradients are Useful in Special Relativity [Draft Paper] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-09-21.0000.pdf
2022-09-18 Rapidity Defines Two Asymmetric Light Speeds in Special Relativity [Email Excerpts] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-09-18.1744.pdf
2022-09-14 Matrix Musings: Why Is Our Universe So Glitchy? [Sabine Hossenfelder comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-09-14.1016.pdf
2022-09-10 Particles as Wave-Collapse Equilibrium Points [YouTube Sabine Hossenfelder] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-09-10.2120.pdf
2022-09-09 There is No Vacuum, Only Energy Relations [Email Excerpt] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-09-09.1740.pdf
2022-09-09 Pilot Wave Theory Doubles the Data-Is-Free Infinity Problem [PBS Space Time Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-09-09.1442.pdf
2022-09-03 Why the Age Gradients in Special Relativity Are Easily Overlooked [WordPress Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-09-03.1953.pdf
2022-08-29 A Simple Way to Remove Singularities from General Relativity [Fermilab comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-08-29.1112.pdf
2022-08-29 On the Importance of Derek Muller's Asymmetric Light Speeds [Veritasium Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-08-29.0030.pdf
2022-08-27 Why Assign QFT Rules to Space When Only Energy Makes Them Real [Quanta comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-08-27.2240.pdf
2022-08-27 A Softer Universe: Black Holes as Quark-Gluon Plasma Spheres https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-08-27.1052.pdf
2022-08-27 Our Understanding of the Vacuum is Wrong [Message Excerpt] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-08-27.0029.pdf
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2022-05-21 On Finite Asymptotic Superdeterminism [Patreon SWTG] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-05-21.2335.pdf
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2023-11-02 The Glashow Fermion Cube [PDF Figure] https://sarxiv.org/apa.1979-07-01.0000.pdf
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