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2022-09-29 Cosmic Ray Muons and Age Gradients https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-09-29.2240.pdf
2022-09-26 Acceleration Creates Tensions in Both Length and Time https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-09-26.1055.pdf
2022-09-24 Nothing Beats Nothing for Avoiding Vacuum Catastrophes [Comment on a Hossenfelder post] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-09-24.0835.pdf
2022-09-22 Age Gradients and Reciprocal Light Velocities Are Real Phenomena [Email Excerpt] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-09-22.1015.pdf
2022-09-21 Why Age Gradients are Useful in Special Relativity [Draft Paper] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-09-21.0000.pdf
2022-09-18 Rapidity Defines Two Asymmetric Light Speeds in Special Relativity [Email Excerpts] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-09-18.1744.pdf
2022-09-14 Matrix Musings: Why Is Our Universe So Glitchy? [Sabine Hossenfelder comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-09-14.1016.pdf
2022-09-10 Particles as Wave-Collapse Equilibrium Points [YouTube Sabine Hossenfelder] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-09-10.2120.pdf
2022-09-09 There is No Vacuum, Only Energy Relations [Email Excerpt] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-09-09.1740.pdf
2022-09-09 Pilot Wave Theory Doubles the Data-Is-Free Infinity Problem [PBS Space Time Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-09-09.1442.pdf
2022-09-03 Why the Age Gradients in Special Relativity Are Easily Overlooked [WordPress Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-09-03.1953.pdf
2022-08-29 A Simple Way to Remove Singularities from General Relativity [Fermilab comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-08-29.1112.pdf
2022-08-29 On the Importance of Derek Muller's Asymmetric Light Speeds [Veritasium Comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-08-29.0030.pdf
2022-08-27 Why Assign QFT Rules to Space When Only Energy Makes Them Real [Quanta comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-08-27.2240.pdf
2022-08-27 A Softer Universe: Black Holes as Quark-Gluon Plasma Spheres https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-08-27.1052.pdf
2022-08-27 Our Understanding of the Vacuum is Wrong [Message Excerpt] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-08-27.0029.pdf
2022-08-26 Quantum Wave Functions are Less Fundamental Than Conservation [Quanta comment] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-08-26.1152.pdf
2022-08-24 On Color, Strings, and the SU(3) Model [PBS Space Time] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-08-24.2237.pdf
2022-08-24 The Other Half of Special Relativity, Linear Excitation Hierarchies [Email Excerpt] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-08-24.1300.pdf
2022-08-23 A Quick Assessment of Constructor Theory [YouTube Dialect] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-08-23.1545.pdf
2022-08-20 Rotating Frames Are Multi-Particle Excitations https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-08-20.2300.pdf
2022-08-18 The Role of Energy in the Twin Paradox [YouTube Dialect] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-08-18.2320.pdf
2022-08-10 Fermions as 4D Vectors (The Pond Analogy) [Email Excerpt] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-08-10.0928.pdf
2022-08-05 A Simple Visual Model of the Weak Force [PBS Space Time] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-08-05.0945.pdf
2022-08-04 The Data Content of Protons is Only a Few Bits [YouTube PBS Space Time] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-08-04.0005.pdf
2022-08-03 Fermions as Bags of Frame Space [Message Excerpt] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-08-03.1658.pdf
2022-08-03 Physicists Unearthed TOE Decades Ago but Cannot Read It Yet https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-08-03.1310.pdf
2022-08-02 Why Planck Foam Violates Special Relativity [YouTube PBS Space Time] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-08-02.1711.pdf
2022-08-02 On Expertise in Theoretical Physics https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-08-02.1527.pdf
2022-07-30 Brain Me Not Big-Small Physics Like [YouTube Sabine Hossenfelder] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-07-30.1058.pdf
2022-07-27 The Twin Paradox as Frame Ripping [YouTube The Science Asylum] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-07-27.2355.pdf
2022-07-26 Einstein, Hume, and Mathematical Creationism https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-07-26.1145.pdf
2022-07-19 On the Colours of Time https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-07-19.1900.pdf
2022-07-09 The Role of Meter-Seconds in High-Precision Special Relativity https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-07-09.2355.pdf
2022-07-02 Traditional Logic Versus Quantum Indistinguishability [Email excerpt] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-07-02.1510.pdf
2022-07-02 Muon Lattice-QCD Models Need a Deeper Fix [Email excerpt] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-07-02.0859.pdf
2022-07-01 Why Strings and Locality Are a Lot Like Smartphones [YouTube World Science Festival] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-07-01.0625.pdf
2022-06-23 Infinitely Malleable Spacetime is a Math-First Fantasy [YouTube Science Time] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-06-23.1045.pdf
2022-06-22 Math Noise and the Inverse Aharonov-Bohm Effect [YouTube Parth G] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-06-22.2230.pdf
2022-06-22 On the Equivalence of Special Relativity Time-Slopes and Schrodinger Phase-Gradients https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-06-22.1331.pdf
2022-06-16 Gravitational Path Integrals Are a Seriously Dumb Idea [YouTube PBS Cosmos] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-06-16.1030.pdf
2022-06-13 Cognition and the Need for 'Timeless Interactions' Math [Patreon Hossenfelder] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-06-13.1130.pdf
2022-06-04 On the Fourier Fuzziness of Reality https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-06-04.1803.pdf
2022-05-29 Three Questions About Wave Functions https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-05-29.2302.pdf
2022-05-29 The Strandbeest Universe https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-05-29.1836.pdf
2022-05-28 The Need for Energy-Aware Quantum Formalisms https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-05-28.1247.pdf
2022-05-28 How Linear Momentum Links Quantum Mechanics and Relativity https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-05-28.1135.pdf
2022-05-28 Wave Functions of the Universe are Just Dumb Math Errors https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-05-28.1006.pdf
2022-05-28 On the Impossibility of Bohr's Perfect Waves https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-05-28.0918.pdf
2022-05-27 Assessing the Noether-Rehteon Conservation Doublet https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-05-27.2321.pdf
2022-05-25 On the Illusion of Smoothness in Hilbert Space [Patreon SWTG] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-05-25.1620.pdf
2022-05-21 On Finite Asymptotic Superdeterminism [Patreon SWTG] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-05-21.2335.pdf
2022-05-15 Grand Problems, Mini Problems, and Fixing Dumb Errors [YouTube 2veritasium] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-05-15.1325.pdf
2022-05-12 Einstein Understood Time Until Minkowski Derailed Him [Gmail excerpt] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-05-12.1356.pdf
2022-05-11 The Minkowski Error, Why Deep-Level Corrections Are Never Easy [Gmail excerpt] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-05-11.1509.pdf
2022-05-10 On Energy Conservation in Many-Worlds [YouTube Looking Glass Universe] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-05-10.1245.pdf
2022-05-01 Why String Theory is Very Real and Not What You Thought It Was [Patreon SWTG] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-05-01.1825.pdf
2022-05-01 Yarn Theory [Patreon SWTG] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-05-01.0515.pdf
2022-04-30 A Modest Proposal: Wave Collapse is Acceleration [Patreon SWTG] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-04-30.1420.pdf
2022-04-29 The error blocking GR-quantum merger [Gmail excerpt] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-04-29.2344.pdf
2022-04-25 The Surprising Implications of Acceleration as Wave Collapse [Gmail excerpts] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-04-25.2255.pdf
2022-04-21 On Quantizing General Relativity, An Overview [Presentation] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-04-21.1039.pdf
2022-04-16 Cosmic Holography With No Fanciful Planck Bits [YouTube Science Time] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2022-04-16.1527.pdf
2020-07-28 First Prediction of Momentum-Pair Creation in Stern-Gerlach [Backreaction] https://sarxiv.org/apa.2020-07-28.1338.pdf
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